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18-01-2018 | EYE ON GREECE | EU

Thursday, January 18 2018

Skopje throws up obstacles in UN-bufffered name talks

Skopje raised new obstacles to a solution to the name dispute with Athens after its chief negotiator said on Wednesday in New York that the proposal submitted by United Nations special mediator Matthew Nimetz was “far from dignified.”


Incident between Greek, Turkish craft in Imia sea region

A Turkish coast guard patrol boat and a Hellenic Navy gunboat were involved in an incident on Wednesday in a sea region near the rocky islets of Imia, east of the major eastern Aegean island of Kalymnos.


Rouvikonas steps up action, breaching Finance Ministry

There are concerns that the anti-establishment group Rouvikonas (Greek for Rubicon) is stepping its activity after dozens of its members stormed the Finance Ministry building in central Athens on Wednesday.


Criminal Stefanakos found shot dead in car in western Attica

A body found in a car in Haidari, western Attica, on Wednesday afternoon, is that of criminal Vassilis Stefanakos, according to a police statement which said the corpse bore gunshot wounds, apparently inflicted by an assault rifle.


Explosives removed from Andromeda, en route to Thessaloniki

Some 410 tons of explosives have been moved from the Andromeda, a Tanzania-flagged cargo vessel intercepted off Crete earlier this month, onto a Greek cargo ship, the Kapetan Christos, which is expected to dock at the port of Thessaloniki on Thursday morning.


Judges seek further investigation of alleged plot to kill ex-PM

The Athens Council of Appeals Court Judges has ordered further investigations into the case of former PASOK MP and minister Michalis Karchimakis and two employees of the Greek National Intelligence Service (EYP) who are accused of planning to assassinate former Greek prime minister Costas Karamanlis in 2008 when he was in office.


Majority of CEOs surveyed in Greece believe reforms will continue only with supervision

Roughly two out of three surveyed CEOs and general managers in Greece believe that reforms in the recession- and crisis-battered country will continue only under creditors’ supervision.


Greek five-year bond yields fall to 3-1/2 month low

Greece’s five-year government bond yield fell to its lowest level since late September on Wednesday, extending a downward move on upbeat sentiment as Greece is seen heading towards exiting its bailout program this year.


ATHEX: Benchmark spends all day in the red

After four weeks of constant growth interrupted only by the occasional day of profit taking, local stocks posted a proper drop on Wednesday at Athinon Avenue, with the benchmark spending the entire day in the red. However, the fact that the benchmark and other indices had risen from their day-lows suggests that the market is still looking up.







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